Allergy Testing: A Simple Way To Stop Feeling Run Down!

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I have heard of allergies and people having allergic reactions for as long as I can remember. Television always depicted people having allergic reactions to nuts and cartoons always put a humorous slant to it. For the majority of my life I always thought I was an exception. Whenever being asked by the doctor/gym/new job whether I was allergic to anything I always said no because as far as I new I didn’t. However not too long ago I kept getting a continuing runny nose and a scratchy throat. At first I thought it was nothing more than a common cold, however this one seemed to last a lot longer than normal.

I think a bit of a background story is needed here in order to help the story. I not long ago moved in with my girlfriend and my ‘cold’ started no too long after this. My nose continued to run each day for about 4 months into living with her however at work my runny nose was not quite as bad. Then someone at work suggested that I may be allergic to something and that I should take an allergy testing. Now I thought the idea of me being allergic to anything was probably a long shot and normally I would have probably laughed off the suggestion however I was now both desperate and curious.

I took a pin prick allergy test at home and sent it back to the laboratory. About 1 week later I found out that I was in fact allergic to something. Now another part of the story I failed to mention is that my girlfriend is a vet and works with animals. The results that came back told me that I had an allergy to animal fur in particular cats. I had never been around cats enough to discover this when growing up and so always overlooked this. My girlfriend would come home and her uniform would still have spores of fur that I was having reaction to. Since the test my girlfriend leaves her uniform at work and after a few weeks and much cleaning of the house I began to feel much better.

It goes to show that sometimes feeling run down can be solved by something so much simpler than a medication and so it is certainly worth going down the  allergy testing route for your health if ever you feel constantly run down or bunged up…