Facebook Emoticons for Healthier Lives

It’s a fact that we spend more time on Facebook than we do on watching television or any other activity. It’s also a fact that Facebook Chat is one of the popular activities within Facebook and if so, what can be better than to send your friend a Facebook Emoticon, not only to make him / her happy but also to make them healthy.

An emoticon is basically a type of smiley, while in chat we can’t broadcast our facial expression, the emoticons serve that cause best. You can get the facebook chat smileys emoticons by downloading a special plugin which will enable these emoticons on your computer.

While sending an emoticon has little or no effect on the conversation it self, you’d be surprised that it has an effect on our health.

Facebook Emoticons for healtheir lives means that when ever we send someone an emoticon it makes them laugh or at least smile, happiness leads to healthier life and that’s a fact.

This is not necessarily the case with the sad emoticons or the angry ones, as the angry or sad ones might do the opposite than the positive ones.

Laughter or happiness is known to have positive effects on our health and so while watching the smiling emoticons we actually do good to our health.

This is in contrary to researches claiming that spending too much time in front of the computer or television has a negative effect due to the decrease in physical activity and lack of sleep. Spending time in front of Facebook is not different at all since Facebook is addictive to say the least.

The fact that these emoticons are free makes it even better! There’s one more reason to be healthy – get the Facebook free emoticons by downloading the special toolbar now.

Who ever imagined that facebook can actually be healthy?