Ginseng-How to consume it?

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There  are a lot of ways to eat,drink or consume ginseng, so many it can be confusing for a beginner to know where to start.

The most simplest and easiest way to take ginseng is, simply eat the ginseng leaves from the plant. But,the taste of ginseng is not so good which gives you an unpleasant experience.Also,fresh and unprepared ginseng leaves cannot be preserved for a long time. Hence,it makes fresh ginseng impractical for people who don’t live in ginseng-producing countries.

A common way to take ginseng and to know how to eat ginseng,  is to prepare it into a ginseng tea, just by slicing it up and soaking the leaves in hot water. Dried and red ginseng leaves can also be used for this purpose, if it is put inside a teabag or similar device to keep the small dried leaf pieces from falling into the liquid.

There are also some more unusual methods to consume ginseng.Chinese use to take some ginseng leaves and chicken pieces, steam them together twice, and serve it as a soup.It has the taste mainly of chicken, but with all the health benefits of ginseng.

Ginseng in health food shops is also available in medicinal forms, such as pills, tablets,creams etc. Though these are easier to use,they are less effective compared to the leaves themselves, especially when they contain some other herbs as ingredients..

If you are a first time consumer of it, first know how to eat ginseng, then the best way to start out is with the ginseng tea, as ginseng is far more powerful as a relaxing drink than as a medicine. Make sure to read the health information on the package first. see if you can find ginseng tea bags containing dried leaves in your local herb-selling shop. To a certain extent, the smell and taste are so important as the actual consumption, if you wanna get the full benefits that ginseng offers.