Lottery Winnings Medical Effects

Late research conducted by the biggest online lottery website – 22Lottery shows that 85% of the big lottery winners suffer from various medical problems such as heart problems, high blood pressure and related diseases.

The research conducted in the United Kingdom showed direct connection between winning the lottery and the medical effects to appear later on.

There are several reasons to why a lottery winner could suffer from poor health following winning the lottery:

  • Pressure and stress related to winning a big sum of money – this could be directly related to the prize money and also related to environment –  various individuals approaching the winner trying to get a share of the cake.
  • Improved life style – The lottery winner is “living the good life” which includes eating more meat, fat and unhealthy food which is directly related to heart diseases and related health problems.
  • Condition related to the way of life – sometimes the body finds it hard to adjust the change in way of life – not going to work, no physical activity and so on.

All these and more are Lottery Winnings Medical effects that are direct results of winning the lottery.

In the same research winners were asked if they are to have the chance of going over the same experience again and the results were as follows:

70% of the lottery winners claimed they do not want to go over the same experience again.

25% of the lottery winners claimed they will definitely want to go over the same experience again.

5% of the lottery winners were not sure.

Regardless of the medical effects on lottery winners, there’s one thing for sure, these lottery winners will have no problem paying for their medical expanses.

If you are planning to win the lottery – prepare yourself for the worst – health wise – good luck!