How to give a puppy a bath

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Bathing a puppy dog is quite an experience, especially for the first time. Before we discuss some tips, I want to make sure you are using the best puppy shampoo for your new pet! Using anything else may very well cause dry itchy skin, excessive scratching, or even worse drying out of the hairs natural oils and moisturizers.

An oatmeal based dog shampoo has a great ph balance for young pups and will be very gentle on their new skin and coat. Also be sure to avoid products that come from the large pet stores as they are low quality brand names that use a base that is the same as products used on humans. The problem here is that the ph is not designed for them so they will be very prone to skin irritations.

Ok, so how do we go about giving a puppy bath for the first time. To begin with be sure that he or she is going to stay relatively comfortable and not have a bad first experience. This is definitely easier said than done, but here are some considerations that will most definitely help out. Make sure the water you use is warm, not to hot or not to cold and make sure it will not change during the dog bath. Make sure you have plenty of treats and reward him often and let him know that you like it when he is good and takes a bath. Also be sure to gently pick him up and place him the tub or shower before you turn the water on. The get the water at a good temperature and gently spray him, first on the feet, back, sides. Avoid the face as this will scare him

Now you are ready for the bathing. Remember to select a high quality dogs shampoo as we discussed above. Now start washing the puppy from the top down; avoiding his face. For the first few times do not use too much shampoo. The more you use the longer you have to rinse. Also, do not wash his face the first few time, use a cloth after the bath to do this.

Once the bath is done, make sure to put the cap back on the pet shampoo (sounds silly but many people have lost tipped the bottle when picking up dogs ) Next be sure to dry off your puppy quickly, again have fun doing it, and letting him know that everything is safe. Animals react to our mood and energy levels, so stay relaxed and do not get mad or anxious. The dog will pick up on this and get nervous or anxious.

So to wrap it up, there are really two main points to remember. The first is to select the best puppy shampoo and the second is to make sure you convey a good mood and demeanor as your pet will follow your mood.

Thank you very much. We hope this article make your pups first bathing experience an enjoyable and healthy one! The health information for the chemical materials is very important. Good luck; and remember to bath puppies at least monthly to insure that their coats and skin stays healthy and clean.