How to protect eyes from strains and infections?

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Due to increasing use of computers, more and more youngsters are getting eye pain. The symptoms of eye pain due to starring at computer for a long time are red & watery eyes,aching & tired eyelids, focusing problems, eye muscle spasm, headache and backache. You must know how to protect your eye from this things. In such an cases, eye exercise must be practiced regularly. Focusing the eye on a distant object and rotating the eye ball from one side to other side is a very good exercise.Its extremely important to give ample rest to the eyes.Sleeping is the best way to do it. Wear UV shielded glasses when you are looking at your computer screen. Maintaining a good distance between you and the computer screen can prevent the eye pain.

Eye hazards are also caused by improper use of cosmetics by contact lens wearers.Some of the adverse reactions due to such improper use are eye injury, dryness, infection, eye irritation, allergy, and lens deposition. That’s the reason why adolescents must be made aware of the risks they will have to face when opting for contact lens. Girls should be acknowledged  that they should buy only hypoallergenic cosmetics and that too the non-scented variety, manufactured by big and reputed brand names. Avoid sharing cosmetics with others. Wash and clean the applicator brushes.Do not use old mascara or refill it. Protect your Eye shadows which are shiny, pearlized, frosted or iridescent may contain ground tinsel and oyster shell.Hence always avoid them. Eyeliner should not be applied in the inner lid edge of the eyes. Loose powder should be avoided. Cream should not be applied near the eyes.Always wash your hand and keep your nails clean while wearing contact lenses.crying, washing of face or bathing should be done with the contact lens on.

There are a number of very important and fragile nerves present at the bottom of the eyes.Any disturbance caused to it may cause eye irritation,headache,swelling in face etc.Do not do face massage or any such thing by your self unless you clearly know what you are doing. With the right medical information, each can protect his eyes from these effects.