Drinking Water Facts

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Water is an  essential component for human life. About 70% of the human body is made up of water. People now a days,drink fancy beverages instead of water when they are thirsty.But they need to understand that there is no substitute for the good old water.According to the recent studies, A normal and inactive person will loose about ten cups of water through breathing, perspiration, and other kinds of elimination in a single day. And the sorrow is,more and more people are replacing  water with sodas, coffee, teas, cool drinks, and other unhealthy drinks. The knowledge about the drinking water facts and additional medical information is very relevant for you as a private person and as part of family.

Do you know all drinking water facts ?

The drinks which we replace for water normally has high calorie content. Sodas contain sugar and does not contain any vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Juices are considered to be healthy when they are taken moderately. It does contain vitamin C,potassium,and other vital vitamins but it is still high in calories. 6 to 8 glasses of natural juice is what an average individual needs per day. Sports drinks are famous beverage of today. They replace the body with the electrolytes that are lost when  a man/women sweats. But just like other drinks,they too contains extra calories. It is advised to limit one’s consumption of sports drinks to 12 ounces of drink a day.

One should not wait to drink water till it thirsts because when you feel thirsty,your body has already got dehydrated a little. Being hydrated is very vital at all times. There are important drinking water facts you need to take care of. A quart of water when lost in one’s body will have a serious effect on the individual’s physical and mental performance. If dehydration is ignored, tiredness, low concentration, and headache may take place. Headache is a symptom that one’s brain and eyes are being deprived of water. It is eventually caused by the swelling of the back portion of the eyes. Headaches and other illness can be prevented if we will drink the right amount of water at the right time.