Diabetes Mellitus Symptoms and Diabetes Types

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Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder chiefly characterized by raised blood glucose levels.the main reason for this is the deficiency of a protein hormone called Insulin. Insulin is made up of polypeptide chains alpha and beta with a total of 51 amino acids.it is released by the beta cells of islets of Langerhans of pancreas .Insulin regulates the blood glucose levels by acting on carbon hydrate metabolism.As it lowers the blood glucose levels it is called Hypoglycemic hormone.

Diabetes mellitus is classified into two types considering your health information:
Type 1 : Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or juvenile diabetes mellitus
Type 2 :Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or adult onset diabetes mellitus insulin diabetes mellitus occurs either due to genetic defiency of insulin or acquired reasons also.It occurs only in young childrens,hence it is called juvenile diabetes mellitus.
Non-insulin diabetes mellitus is an accquired condition which occurs mainly in adults,hence it is called as adult onset diabetes it is characterised by insulin resistance due to the lack of receptors for insulin uptake .

Diabetes Symptoms Types:
The classic triad of symptoms which represents diabetes are
1) Ployphagia – which means increased hunger.
2)Ploydypsia – which means increased thrust.
3)Ployurea tolerence test is commonly used labortaory method to digonse.

Diabetes mellitus Treatment :
For type 1 – Insulin preparations in the form of tablets or injections.
For type 2 – Oral hypoglycemic drugs.