Calf Pain Treatment and Prevention Tips

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A calf pain can happen while you play a sport or you walk or during any activity in the day to day activity. A pain in the calf can happen due to a ruptured tendon or the reason might be less severe too. Very often the calf pain is a slight pain which causes discomfort in the lower part of the leg. Many people get sore calves because of different problems in the feet like flat feet, high arches or many a times due to shoes which do not fit well. Another common cause for a calf pain can be a muscle tear, a rupture of the tendons, or tendonitis which is inflammation of the tendon. Problems as severe as these will have to be treated after consulting a doctor but there are several ways to treat a regular pain in the calf.

An effective calf pain treatment for a pain which is a result of an injury is to take a certain level of pressure on the heels. All across at sports shops and athletic stores heel lifts are available which are useful to reduce the strain on the muscles and the tendons. We are happy to provide more health links and information tips.

A common way to treat the pain is what is known as RICE, which stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. This implies that you need to give rest to a calf, apply ice on the area but for a maximum of 20 minutes, use a bandage to compress the leg and elevate the leg to a level which is above the level of your heart. Moist heat in the form of hot water bags can be applied to the injured area after 72 hours.

To correct the imbalances while you walk one can use arch supports inside your shoes. Due to these imbalances there can be a lot of pressure and strain on the calves causing pain. If you have an injury and there is swelling, an effective calf pain treatment is to rub a pain relieving balm after the swelling has subsided. After the application the calf should be wrapped properly and bandaged. This relaxes the muscles in the calf by helping it to retain the heat.

One common mistake people make is to not take care of their shoes and socks. Worn out shoes can put a lot of pressure on the calves and cause pain. With some simple tips like these, one can cure a calf pain at home.