The Body Power Saving Systems

Our body is an incredible piece of work. There’s still the well known argument as to who is the actual creator, whether it’s god or the evolution. There’s one thing for certain, it’s a complex gathering of parts that all in all do a pretty good job.

One of the most intriguing facts of the body is that our body conserves power and is considered the world’s cheapest power saving system.

Our body runs on food and water and it also requires rest (sleep).

When we sleep our body doesn’t require any power, any food or water and this means that half of the time our body is a power saving system much like a solar system that gathers energy during the day and its power is used during the night.

When the body wakes up from a good night sleep, it’s ready to work full power during the rest of the day. This means it consumes the energy built up during the night.

An healthy body is one that gets at least 7 hours of sleep during the night and builds up enough energy and power to last the whole day.

The human body doesn’t consume too much energy (given the specific activity it’s engaging). This is why it’s the most efficient machine ever built. There’s nothing like it.

Unlike other power saving systems, the human body is capable of surviving more than its limits. This means that a human being can stretch the limit and stay awake for more than 24 hours and even 48 hours. Of course there will be a decrease in the performance efficiency but the human body will still operate.

If only we could build robots who know how to conserve power instead of consume power our lives would be better with no doubt – power saving robots is the future!